Marin Flora
Author John Thomas Howell, Frank Almeda, Wilma Follette, Catherine Best
  • Publish Date January 1, 2007
  • Standard Number ISBN 0-940228-71-8
  • Page Count 510 pp
  • Number of Figures 141 Figures
  • Price $45.00 (hardcover), $35.00 (softcover)

The definitive manual to the vascular plants of one of the Bay Area's most diverse and much-loved local floras. This extensively rewritten and redesigned edition of the classic Marin Flora includes improved dichotomous identification keys, illustrations, color photographs of all the major plant communities, and detailed maps and satellite images of the county's major topographic features.  With extensive nomenclatural updates and detailed appendices of rare, endangered, and invasive species, this book will continue to be the only comprehensive identification guide to the county's native and naturalized plants.

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