The Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences accepts manuscripts for publication in the Natural Sciences that stress systematics, evolutionary biology and paleontology, biogeography and biodiversity, also related areas in the Earth Sciences, such as biostratigraphy, regional and global tectonics as they relate to biogeography and paleoclimatology, and topics in astrobiology, anthropology, as well as the history of science as they relate to institutions of natural history, to individuals, and to activities, such as expeditions and explorations, in the natural sciences.

Priority consideration will be given to manuscripts submitted by Academy staff and others who are affiliated with the research programs of the institution and/or manuscripts that include reference in part or in whole to Academy research collections or to Academy-sponsored expeditions. Others who do not meet the above criteria may submit manuscripts for consideration for publication on a space-available basis.

Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to page charges; charges may be waived on a case-by-case basis, (Proceedings, Occasional Papers, Memoirs) are subject to peer review. Peer review includes both internal and external review, internal review by at least one Academy scientist whose interests parallel those of the submission, and external review, ordinarily by two individuals who are recognized experts in the field.

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Authors receive a pdf download of their individual article along with a printed copy of the full publication their work appears in, gratis.  They receive the pdf on the publication date and the physical copy soon after we receive inventory (normally 1-2 weeks after the pub date.)


Please note that on the publication date, we also post all of the papers online, as free downloadable pdfs. 


The author will also receive an email with a link from our printer, inviting them to purchase individual reprints if they choose.




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