Planet Earth is an incredible—and unique—place in our solar system. It is the only planet that supports a diverse system of life! Earth has been able to support and take care of both plants and animals, including humans. So, how do we humans take care of Earth just like it takes care of us?

In this interactive program, students will take on the role of Planet Heroes as they are challenged to design and implement solutions to benefit wildlife, ecosystems, and global communities through one avenue: our energy use!

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Dates: Friday April 20th & Monday April 23rd
This program will be broadcasted twice on each of the above dates.
Times: 9:10am PT (12:10pm ET) or 10:10am PT (1:10pm ET)
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: Free!
Target Audience: 4th - 8th Grade
Interactivity Options: Teacher using a Chat Box

What to expect during this Special Live Event
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Energy is an important part of our everyday lives. We use energy to cook, get around, and send emails. In this 45-minute program, students will build and reflect upon their own ideas on impacts associated with energy use and fossil fuels. How can we provide energy to all people on the planet?

Throughout the program, students will be challenged to design simple, personal solutions for minimizing negative impacts and will learn how people are coming up with innovative sustainable energy alternatives for a brighter future. By the end of the program they will create their own Planet Hero Action Plan!

Techology required

Students get to see and hear the Academy expert, and teachers will enter comments and questions into a text-based chat window.

To participate you must have the following technology available:

  • Desktop, laptop computer, or tablet.
  • Strong internet connection; a wired connection is preferable.
  • An updated version of the free application Zoom installed on your computer or tablet.
  • If you have a large class we also recommend having a projector and speakers.

Groups are limited to no more than 75 students and no more than 3 classes for a single connection.

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Grades: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 75
Price: Free
Time Slots: 9:10 am, 10:10 am