Geology Kit 6-12

This kit is packed with hands-on activities that illuminate the hidden processes of our planet. Learn about the Earth’s layers, the movement of tectonic plates, and earthquakes. Take a look back over geologic time and check out some fossils from key points in Earth’s history


  • curriculum binder
  • Earth's layers model
  • Earth's layers spool (bag, spool, and chalk)
  • 6 tectonic plate map boards
  • 6 sets of maps
  • 6 compasses
  • 2 slinkies
  • measuring cup
  • scoops (3)
  • container of white quartz
  • container of gravel
  • food coloring
  • dixie cups
  • CD with Google Earth file
  • 6 sets of 6 fossils
  • Geologic timeline (timeline, cards, metal posts, Precambrian ribbon)
  • Books and Booklets: "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rocks of the World" by John Farndon, "Eyewitness: Fossil" by Dr. Paul D Taylor, "Restless Earth" by Sue Bowler, "Kaleidoscope: Fossils" by Roy A. Gallant, "Eyewitness: Volcano and Earthquake" by Susanna van Rose; "Evolution and the Fossil Record" by John Pojeta Jr and Dale A Springer
  • Videos and DVDs: "Faces of the Earth" (The Science Channel)


Geo Kit Activity

Earth’s Layers: Explore three different representations of the Earth's layers to help students visualize the interior structure of our planet.

Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates: Use seismic data and maps to discover the locations of the planet’s tectonic plates.

Google Earth Geology Field Trip: Make California geology come to life with a virtual field trip from the coast to the Sierras.

Fun Fossils: Investigate and identify six mystery fossils. Then create an interactive geology timeline.

Amazing Amazon Basin Geology: Explore the Amazon Basin’s geologic history to learn about the geologic principles of subduction, mountain-building, erosion and sedimentation. Students make their own sedimentary rock sequence.


Next Generation Science Standards

We are in the process of adjusting the kits to better connect with the philosophy behind the NGSS. Connections will be posted here in the near future!


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