polar bear walking through paper snow flakes

Snow Lab
Weekends and select days; 10 am – 4 pm (11 am on Sundays)
Project Lab

Explore all the cool properties of snow through hands-on experiments and demonstrations:

  • Blubber Glove: Get a “hands-on” feel for how Arctic animals stay warm in cold water climates.
  • Snowflake Investigation: Explore snowflakes using microscopes and hear about the importance of citizen science.
  • Comet Demo: Get a chance to see a comet made right before your eyes and find out what common ingredients can be combined to make these icy solar bodies!
  • Snow Crystals Take Flight: Design your own snowflake and see how it flutters! Learn how to cut a perfect snowflake—or design your own and send it aloft in our very own Flight Lab.
  • Polar Bear Dare: How do polar bears and other Arctic animals stay on top of fluffy snow? Find out in this design challenge where you'll engineer the perfect paws to help our polar bear cross the snowdrift to get to its cub.
  • Adaptation Animation: Winter animals have special adaptations that prepare them for each Arctic season. Choose a snowshoe hare or caribou and illustrate its seasonal transformations—then, with scissors and tape, watch your drawings come to life in your very own zoetrope.

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