Students investigating decomposition

Why all the buzz about “phenomena” in science education? Find out more and apply it to your own classroom.

This workshop is currently sold out, but you can email to get on the waitlist. 

What is meant by “real-world phenomena” and how can they anchor learning in science and engineering? In this workshop, you will build your understanding of what phenomenon-based science can be, and how to start making it happen in your classroom.

“How did the Grand Canyon form?” “Where did the mass of the apple go when I threw it in the compost?” These questions about real-world phenomena are great examples of how science can be used for figuring things out. In this workshop you will participate as a learner in a phenomenon-based lesson, then unpack your experience with fellow educators. You will build understanding and gain tools and strategies to help you choose phenomena and craft essential questions that can guide your students to “figure things out” about the real world.

Saturday January 26, 2019
9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Other Perks

  • Enjoy complimentary morning refreshments, coffee, and tea.

  • Work collaboratively with a community of educators in a positive learning environment

  • Participate in a hands-on science experience

  • Gain practical tools to apply to your own science planning

  • Explore the Academy’s exhibits during lunch and after the workshop


How Do I Join?

This workshop is currently sold out, but you can email to get on the waitlist!

Tickets are only $35.

Reserve your spot online or by calling 877-227-3311 on any day from 8am to 5pm.


Can't Join Us January 26?

No problem! The same workshop is also offered on October 13.


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