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Join us to explore what the brain needs to learn!

In the last few years, the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education have led a surge of research on how people learn. What does it all mean for STEM learning? How can we use this knowledge to create deep and equitable learning experiences?

All students have the capacity to learn and achieve at high levels-- but in order for that to happen, the way we teach must align with the way the brain learns. In this workshop, we will share a neuroscience-based framework that describes what the brain needs in order to learn. As a participant, you will first engage in an investigation as a learner yourself. Then we will unpack the pedagogy behind the experience, highlighting several strategies that create the conditions the brain needs to learn. We will go beyond “that’s just good teaching” to discover how and why these strategies can lead to successful learning in any science classroom.

August 5, 2020
9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Other Perks

  • Enjoy complimentary morning refreshments, coffee, and tea.

  • Work collaboratively with a community of educators in a positive learning environment

  • Gain practical tools to apply to your own teaching

  • Explore the Academy’s exhibits during lunch and after the workshop

The Academy can provide documentation for the number of professional development hours you participate in. However, we do not offer continuing education credits at this time.


How do I join?

Tickets are only $35.


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