Ichthyology Staff

California Academy of Sciences
Department of Ichthyology
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94118-4503
phone: (415) 379-5277
fax: (415) 379-5731


Tomio Iwamoto Curator & Chairman
William N. Eschmeyer Curator Emeritus

Collection Manager

Dave Catania Senior Collection Manager

Curatorial Assistants

Jon D. Fong Curatorial Assistant
Mysi Dang Hoang Curatorial Assistant/Secretary

Research Associates

Margaret G. Bradbury
Daniel M. Cohen
David A. Ebert
Carl J. Ferraris
David W. Greenfield
Robert N. Lea
Douglas J. Long
Catherine W. Mecklenburg
David A. Neely p. 415-608-9227
William J. Poly
Stuart G. Poss


Fred Beeler

About the Department


General information and a brief history of the Department of Ichthyology.

Ichthyology Staff


Ichthyology curators, collection managers, curatorial assistants, and research associates.

The Catalog of Fishes


The authoritative reference for taxonomic fish names, featuring a searchable on-line database.

Primary Types Imagebase


Search for photographs, radiographs, and illustrations of our primary types.

Annotated Checklists


This series serves to provide the most up-to-date taxonomic treatment of the families of recent fishes.

Funding Opportunities


Financial aid for research in the Department of Ichthyology.

Newsletter of Systematic


Browse past issues of the newsletter.

Contact Info


For general inquiries about the Department of Ichthyology please contact:

Ichthyology Administrator