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The Center for Comparative Genomics is a core facility comprised of three units: The Osher Molecular Sequencing and Genomics lab; the 88-core Apple Xserve High Performance Computing Phylocluster; and the Genomics CryoCollection.

CCG Origins

     Organellar Genome

The California Academy of Sciences is leading the way into the 21st century with the creation of the Center for Comparative Genomics (CCG); an expansion of the Osher Foundation Laboratory for Molecular Systematics, which began in 1987 with a donation by the Bernard Osher Foundation and the arrival of Dr. David Jameson and his molecular lab from the University of Houston. The CCG was made possible by the conceptual support of the California Academy of Sciences Executive Director Gregory Farrington and Curator Frank Almeda and the generous monetary support of Shirley and Harry Hagey.

About the Department

General information and a brief history of molecular systematics at the California Academy of Sciences

CCG Personnel


Staff, students, researchers & associates.

Osher Lab


Information about our sequencing facilities & how to gain access to the labs. Lab protocols and policies can also be found here.



Information about our Computing Cluster & how to access it.



Learn about our collection of frozen genomic DNA.

Contact Info


For general inquiries about the CCG please contact:

Brian Simison Ph.D.

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