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Courses and Workshops

Ant Course

The Ant Course is a workshop designed primarily for systematists, ecologists, behaviorists, conservation biologists, and other biologists whose research responsibilities require a greater understanding of ant taxonomy. It emphasizes the classification and identification of more than fifty ant genera of North America. The course objectives are presented in the course announcement.

Spider Course

Although arachnids constitute one of the dominant and most diverse groups of terrestrial organisms, they are rarely given adequate treatment in most zoology curricula. This course, as an introduction to arachnology, attempts to fill this gap by focusing on the recognition and natural history of spiders and other conspicuous arachnids. Lectures will be presented on arachnid diversity, natural history, and evolution, but the bulk of the time will be spent at first–hand observation, both in the field and laboratory. In the lab, students will learn to prepare and observe specimens, interpret arachnid anatomy, and use dichotomous keys for identification (NFC spider list). In the field, sampling techniques will be used to collect and observe arachnids from a variety of habitats.

This course is offered through the Sierra Nevada Field Campus at San Francisco State University.

Last Updated August 2008