Edward S. Ross
Department of Entomology
California Academy of Sciences
13 October 1999)
This list is being presented to the scientific community as an authority file for further studies and reference to the insectan order Embiidina. It will be periodically updated. If errors or omissions are encountered, please contact Dr. Edward S. Ross (, or Dr. Norman D. Penny ( Names with * will shortly be transferred to other genera.


Anisembia texana (Melander, 1902) U.S.A. (AR, LA, MS, OK, TX), Mexico (Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas)
Bulbocerca fulva Ross, 1984 Mexico Baja California)
Bulbocerca sini (Chamberlin, 1923) Mexico (BCS)
Chelicerca auricollis Ross, 1992  Panama
Chelicerca brunneicollis Ross, 1992  Panama
Chelicerca callani (Ross, 1944) Trinidad
Chelicerca chamelaensis Marino & Marquez, 1982  Mexico (Jalisco)
Chelicerca dampfi Ross, 1944 Mexico (Chiapas)
Chelicerca davisi Ross, 1940 Mexico (Veracruz)
Chelicerca grandis (Ross, 1944)  Colombia, Venezuela
Chelicerca heymonsi (Enderlein, 1912)  Mexico (Oaxaca)
Chelicerca jaliscoa Ross, 1984 Mexico  (Jalisco)
Chelicerca maxima Ross, 1984 Mexico  (Guerrero)
Chelicerca microspina Ross, 1992   Panama
Chelicerca minuta (Ross, 1944)  Colombia
Chelicerca nodulosa Ross, 1944   Mexico (Chiapas, Veracruz)
Chelicerca ruficollis (Saussure, 1896) Costa Rica, Panama
Chelicerca spinosa Ross, 1984 Mexico (Chiapas)
Chelicerca wheeleri (Melander, 1902) Mexico (Morelos)
Dactylocerca ashworthi Ross, 1984 U.S.A. (AZ), Mexico (Sonora)
Dactylocerca flavicollis Ross, 1984 Mexico (Zacatecas)
Dactylocerca multispiculata Ross, 1984 Mexico (Jalisco)
Dactylocerca rubra (Ross, 1940) U.S.A. (AZ, CA, NM,NV, UT),  Mexico (BCN)
Mesembia aequalis Ross, 1944 Brazil (SC)
Mesembia catemacoa Ross, 1984 Mexico (Chiapas,Veracruz),Guatemala
Mesembia chamulae Ross, 1984 Mexico (Chiapas)
Mesembia haitiana Ross, 1940 Haiti
Mesembia hospes (Myers, 1928) Cuba
Mesembia juarenzis Marino & Marquez, 1984 Mexico
Mesembia venosa (Banks, 1924) Cuba
= Anisembia schwarzi Ross, 1940
Pelorembia tumidiceps Ross, 1984 Mexico (Guerrero)
Saussurembia albicauda Ross, 1992 Panama
Saussurembia davisi Ross, 1992 Costa Rica
Saussurembia symmetrica Ross, 1944 Colombia
Stenembia perenensis Ross, 1972 Brazil


Australembia incompta Ross, 1963 Australia (Queensland)
Australembia rileyi (Davis, 1940) Australia (Queensland)
= Australembia nodosa (Davis, 1944)
Metoligotoma anomala Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma begae Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma bidens Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma biloba Davis, 1938 Australia (Tasmania)
Metoligotoma brevispina Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma collina collina Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma collina exigua Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma convergens Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma extorris Davis, 1936 Australia
Metoligotoma illawarrae illawarrae Davis, 1938Australia
Metoligotoma illawarrae septentrionis Davis, 1938Australia
Metoligotoma illawarrae telocera Davis, 1938Australia
Metoligotoma intermedia Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma minima Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma minima var. victoriae Davis, 1942 Australia
Metoligotoma pentanesiana Davis, 1936 Australia
Metoligotoma pugionifer Davis, 1938 Australia
Metoligotoma reducta reducta Davis, 1936 Australia
Metoligotoma reducta ingens Davis, 1936 Australia
Metoligotoma reducta acuta Davis, 1942 Australia
Metoligotoma reducta subtropica Davis, 1942 Australia
Metoligotoma tasmanica Davis, 1938 Australia (Tasmania)
Metoligotoma tasmanica bassiana Davis, 1938 Australia (Tasmania)


Antipaluria aequicercata Enderlein, 1912 Colombia
Antipaluria caribbbeana Ross, 1987 Venezuela
Antipaluria intermedia (Davis, 1939) Venezuela
Antipaluria marginata Ross, 1987 Colombia
Antipaluria panamensis Ross, 1987 Panama
Antipaluria silvestris Ross, 1987 Venezuela
Antipaluria urichi (Saussure, 1896) Trinidad
Chromatoclothoda albicauda Ross, 1987 Colombia
Chromatoclothoda aurata Ross, 1987 Peru
Chromatoclothoda elegantula Ross, 1987 Brazil (AM)
Chromatoclothoda nana Ross, 1987 Peru
Chromatoclothoda nigricauda Ross, 1987 Peru
Clothoda longicauda Ross, 1987 Peru
Clothoda nobilis (Gerstaecker, 1888) Brazil (AM, AP, PA)
*Clothoda septentrionalis Marino & Marquez, 1988 Mexico
Cryptoclothoda spinula Ross, 1987 Brazil (PA)


Apterembia cercocyrta (Krauss, 1911) South Africa
Arabembia biarmata Ross, 1981 Saudi Arabia

Archembia bahia Ross, 2001 Brazil (BA)
Archembia batesi (MacLachlan, 1877) Brazil (ES, MG)

Archembia dilata Ross, 2001 Brazil (PA)
Archembia kotzbaueri (Navas, 1925) Brazil (RJ)

Archembia lacombea Ross, 1971 Brazil
Archembia peruviana Ross, 2001 Peru

Berlandiella errans Davis, 1939 Guinea-Bissau
Brachypterembia moreliensis Ross, 1984 Mexico (Michoacan)
Burmitembia venosa Cockerell, 1919 Burmese amber
Calamoclostes albistriolatus Enderlein, 1909 Ecuador
Calamoclostes gurneyi Ross, 1944 Colombia
Cleomia guareschi Stefani, 1953 Sardinia, Mallorca
Conicercembia tepicensis Ross, 1984 Mexico (Nayarit)
Dihybocercus basilewskyi Ross, 1957 Burundi
Dihybocercus confusus Davis, 1939 Uganda
Dihybocercus fibulatoria Enderlein, 1912 West Africa
Dihybocercus nigra Ross, 1956 Namibia
Dihybocercus rhodesiae Davis, 1939 Zimbabwe
Dihybocercus severini Enderlein, 1912 West Africa
Dihybocercus spinosus Navas, 1931 Zaire
Dinembia ferruginea Davis, 1939 Zaire
Donaconethis abyssinica Enderlein, 1909 Eritraea
Donaconethis ehrenbergi Enderlein, 1909 Egypt
Donaconethis sudanica Ross, 1951 Sudan
Electroembia antiqua (Pictet, 1854) Baltic Amber
Embia adenensis Ross, 1981 Yemen
*Embia aethiopicorum Karsch, 1900 West Africa
Embia agilis (Sundevall, 1847) Brazil
Embia algerica (Navas, 1930) Morocco
Embia amadorae Ross, 1966 Portugal
Embia apicata Silvestri, 1921 Nigeria
Embia argentina Navas, 1920 Argentina
Embia attenuata Ross, 1966 Algeria
*Embia berlandi Navas, 1922 Africa
Embia biroi Krauss, 1911 Tunisia
*Embia burensis (Rimsky-Korsakov, 1927) East Africa
*Embia camerunensis Verhoeff, 1904 West Africa
Embia chudeaui Navas, 1922 Africa
Embia collariger Enderlein, 1909 Eritraea
Embia contorta Ross, 1966 Algeria, Tunisia
*Embia dissimilis Rimsky-Korsakov, 1924 Cameroon
*Embia dobhali Ross, 1950 India
*Embia femoralis Navas, 1931 Zaire
*Embia femorata Navas, 1916 Zaire
Embia fuentei Navas, 1918 Spain
Embia gaillardi Navas, 1922 Africa
Embia gromieri Navas, 1934 Guinea
*Embia hamifera (Krauss, 1911) Sudan
Embia klugi Rambur, 1842 Brazil
Embia koltzbaueri Navas, 1925 Brazil
Embia kraussi Enderlein, 1912 East Africa
Embia larachensis Ross, 1966 Morocco
Embia lecerfi Ross, 1966 Morocco
Embia lesnei Ross, 1966 Algeria
Embia lucasi Ross, 1966 Algeria
*Embia lunaris Navas, 1926 Zaire
*Embia lurididiceps Enderlein, 1912 Eritraea
Embia major Imms, 1913 Himalayas
Embia maroccana Ross, 1966 Morocco
Embia mauritanica Lucas, 1849 Algeria, Libya,
= Embia tunetana Navas, 1919 Tunisia
*Embia minor Mukerji, 1927 India
*Embia mulleri Hagen, 1885 Brazil (SC)
Embia nigrula Ross, 1981 Yemen
Embia nuragica Stefani, 1953 Sardinia
Embia pallida Ross, 1951 Sudan
Embia piquetana Navas, 1919 Argentina
*Embia rabaulti Navas, 1934 India
Embia ramburi Rimsky-Korsakov, 1905 France, Italy, Spain
= Embia duplex Navas, 1908 Sardinia
= Embia silvanoi Navas, 1908
= Embia kraussi Krausse, 1911
= Embia laufferi Navas, 1918
*Embia ramosa Navas, 1923 Mozambique
*Embia rimskyi (Davis, 1939) East Africa
*Embia ruficapilla (Burmeister, 1839) Brazil
Embia sabulosa (Enderlein, 1908) South Africa
Embia savignyi Westwood, 1837 Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan
= Embia aegyptiaca Blanchard, 1845
= Embia enderleini Esben-Petersen, 1915
Embia silvestrii Davis, 1940 Algeria
Embia sinuosa Ross, 1966 Tunisia
*Embia sjostedti Silvestri, 1908 Tanzania
Embia smaeleni Navas, 1923 Zaire
Embia socia Navas, 1929 Zaire
*Embia surcoufi Navas, 1933 Mozambique
*Embia tartara Saussure, 1896 Turkestan
Embia tunetana Navas, 1920 Tunisia
Embia tyrrhenica Stefani, 1953 Sardinia
Embia vayssierei Navas, 1934 Senegal
Embia vossleri Enderlein, 1909 East Africa
*Embia xanthocera Navas, 1931 Djibouti
Embolyntha brasiliensis (Gray, 1832) Brazil
Embolyntha brasiliensis var. flavicercatus (Enderlein, 1912) Brazil
*Embolyntha wagneri (Navas, 1924) Argentina
Enveja bequaerti Navas, 1916 Zaire
Lithembia florissantensis (Cockerell, 1908) Florissant Shale
Machadoembia angolica Ross, 1952 Angola
Machadoembia arcuata Ross, 1988 Zaire
Metembia ferox Davis, 1939 India
Metembia fraterna Ross, 1950 India
Microembia rugosifrons Ross, 1944 Peru
Neorhagadochir inflata Ross, 1944 Guatemala
Neorhagadochir salvini (MacLachlan, 1877) Costa Rica,Guatemala,Mexico (Oaxaca),Nicaragua
Pachylembia chapalae Ross, 1984 Mexico (Jalisco,Michoacan)
Pachylembia taxcoensis Ross,1984 Mexico (Guerrero)
Pachylembia unicincta Ross,1984 Mexico (Jalisco)
Parachirembia brunnea Ross, 1951 Gold Coast
*Pararhagadochir adspersa (Enderlein,1909) Bolivia
Pararhagadochir balteata Ross,1972 Brazil
Pararhagadochir bicingillata (Enderlein, 1909) Brazil (AM, PA)
= Pararhagadochir davisi Ross, 1944
Pararhagadochir birabeni (Navas,1918) Argentina
Pararhagadochir christae Ross,1972 Brazil
Pararhagadochir confusa Ross,1944 Argentina, Paraguay
Pararhagadochir flavicollis (Enderlein, 1909) Bolivia
Pararhagadochir schadei Ross,1944 Paraguay
*Pararhagadochir surinamensis Ross,1944 Surinam
Pararhagadochir tenuis (Enderlein, 1909) Bolivia, Brazil
Pararhagadochir tenuis var. flavicepes (Enderlein, 1912) Bolivia
Pararhagadochir trachelia (Navas, 1915) Argentina
Pararhagadochir trinitatis (Saussure, 1896) Colombia, Panama,
= Pararhagadochir flavicollis Krauss, 1911 Trinidad, Venezuela
Parembia persica (McLachlan, 1877) Iran, Somalia
= Embia producta Davis, ????
Parthenembia reclusa Ross, 1960 Zaire
Pseudembia flava (Ross, 1943) India
Pseudembia immsi (Davis, 1939) India
Pseudembia paradoxa Davis, 1939 India
Pseudembia setosa Ross, 1950 India
Pseudembia simplex Ross, 1950 India
Pseudembia truncata Davis, 1939 India
*Rhagadochir beauxii Davis, ???? Uganda
Scelembia carpenteri (Davis, 1940) Tanzania
Scelembia malkini (Ross, 1952) Angola
Scelembia vilhenai (Ross, 1952) Angola
Scelembia virgo Ross, 1960 Zaire


Embonycha interrupta Navas, 1917 Vietnam


Notoligotoma hardyi (Friederichs, 1914) Australia
Notoligotoma nitens Davis, 1936 Australia
Ptilocerembia roepkei Friederichs, 1923 Indonesia (Java, Sumatra)
Ptilocerembia roepkei dimidiata Friederichs, 1934 Indonesia (Java)


Aposthonia aurea (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia borneensis (Hagen, 1885) China (Canton,Hainan), Hong Kong, Indonesia (Java,Sumatra), Laos,
Malaysia (Borneo), Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam
Aposthonia brunnea (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia davisi (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia glauerti (Tillyard, 1923) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi gurneyi (Froggatt, 1904) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi agilis (Froggatt, 1904) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi centralis (Davis, 1936) -0-
Aposthonia gurneyi hilli (Davis, 1936) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi spinulosa (Davis, 1936) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi subclavata (Davis, 1936) Australia
Aposthonia gurneyi remota (Davis, 1944) Australia
Aposthonia hainanensis Lu, 1990 China (Hainan Is.)
Aposthonia himalayensis (Kapur & Kripalanti, 1957) India
Aposthonia hollandia (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia jacobsoni (Silvestri, 1912) Indonesia (Java)
Aposthonia japonica (Okajima, 1926) Japan
Aposthonia josephi (Bradoo, 1971) India
Aposthonia maerens (Roepke, 1919) Indonesia (Java)
Aposthonia mandibulata (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia maritima (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia micronesiae (Ross, 1956) Marianas Islands, Marshall Islands, Gilbert Islands
Aposthonia oceania (Ross, 1951) Austral Island, Caroline Islands (Kusaie, Lele,Mutunlik),
                  Easter Island, Fanning Island, Hawaiian Islands, Henderson Island,
                  New Caledonia, Marquesas Islands, Rapa, Society Islands)
Aposthonia oculata (Ross, 1948) New Guinea
Aposthonia tillyardi (Davis, 1936) Australia
Aposthonia varians (Navas, 1922) China (Kwantung, Kweichow), Hong Kong
Aposthonia vosseleri Krauss, 1911 Indonesia (Sumatra)
Aposthonia vosseleri intermedia (Friederichs, 1934) Malaysia
*Haploembia algerica Navas, 1930 Algeria
*Haploembia bourgi Navas, 1923 East Africa
*Haploembia capensis Esben-Petersen, 1920 South Africa
*Haploembia clypeata Navas, 1923 Zaire
*Haploembia collaris Navas, 1923 Zaire
*Haploembia megacephala Krauss, 1911 Syria
*Haploembia neosolieri Marino & Marquez, 1983 Mexico
Haploembia palaui Stefani, 1955 Mallorca, Spain
Haploembia solieri (Rambur, 1842) Albania, Bulgaria,
= Embia taurica Kusnezov, 1903 Canary Islands,
= Embia grassii Friederichs, 1906 Capri, Corsica,
= Embia cephalotes Navas, 1908 Crete, Egypt, Elba,
= Haploembia codinai Navas, 1922 France, Greece, Italy,
= Haploembia tarsalis (Ross, 1940) Madera, Mexico (Baja California), Morocco, Portugal, Russia,
                    Sardinia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine,U.S.A. (AZ, CA, OR, TX, UT), Yugoslavia
*Haploembia verhoeffi Friederichs, 1907 British East Africa
Oligotoma albertisi Navas, 1930 New Guinea
Oligotoma annandalei Kapur & Kripalani, 1957 India
Oligotoma approximans Davis, 1938 Australia (Tasmania)
Oligotoma asymmetrica Menon & George, 1936 India
Oligotoma ceylonica Enderlein, 1912 Sri Lanka
Oligotoma ceylonica indica Davis, ???? India
Oligotoma ceylonica variegata Mukerji, 1930 Sri Lanka
Oligotoma dharwariana Bradoo, 1971 India
Oligotoma dichroa Navas, 1934 Vietnam
Oligotoma falcis Ross, 1943 India
Oligotoma gravelyi Kapur & Kripalani, 1957 India
Oligotoma greeniana Enderlein, 1912 China (Canton, Macau),
= Oligotoma signata Kapur & Kripalani, 1957 Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines,
                        Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan
Oligotoma humbertiana (Saussure, 1896) China (Fukien, Canton, Hainan Is.,Hong Kong, Macau),
                        India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mariana Islands (Guam, Saipan, Tinian),
                        Mexico (Sonora, Tres Marias Is., BCS), Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan
Oligotoma masi Navas, 1923 Philippines
Oligotoma michaeli McLachlan, 1877
Oligotoma michaeli var. javana Enderlein, 1912 Indonesia (Java)
*Oligotoma minuscula Enderlein, 1912 East Africa
*Oligotoma minuta Mukerji, 1930 India
*Oligotoma montana Kapur & Kripalani, 1957 India
*Oligotoma nana Roepke, 1919 Indonesia (Java)
Oligotoma nigra (Hagen, 1866) Australia, Egypt,
= Oligotoma californica Banks, 1906 India, Iraq, Israel,
= Oligotoma mesopotamica Esben-Petersen, 1929 Mexico, U.S.A. (AZ, CA, TX, UT)
Oligotoma pruthii Kapur & Kripalani, 1957 India
Oligotoma saundersii (Westwood, 1837) Australia, Brazil,
= Oligotoma latreillei Rambur, 1842 Cuba, India,
= Oligotoma insularis McLachlan, 1883 Indonesia, Madagascar,
= Oligotoma cubana Hagen, 1885 Marcus Island, Mexico
= Oligotoma bramina Saussure, 1896 (Guanajuato), New
= Oligotoma hova Saussure, 1896 Caledonia, Taiwan,
= Oligotoma rochai Navas, 1917 U.S.A. (FL, HI, TX),
= Oligotoma inaequalis Banks, 1924 Venezuela, Virgin Islands (St. Croix)
*Oligotoma scottiana Enderlein, 1910 Seychelles Islands
*Oligotoma sulcata Navas, 1923 East Africa
Oligotoma termitophila Wasmann, 1904 Sudan
*Oligotoma vosseleri (Enderlein, 1909) East Africa
*Oligotoma westwoodi Hagen, 1885 FOSSIL


Diradius caribbeanus (Ross, 1944) U.S.A. (FL), Cuba
Diradius chiapae (Ross, 1944) Mexico (Chiapas)
Diradius diversilobus Ross, 1984 Mexico (SLP)
Diradius emarginatus (Ross, 1944) Mexico (Oaxaca)
Diradius erba Szumik, 1991 Argentina
Diradius fairchildi Ross, 1992 Panama
Diradius jalapae (Ross, 1944) Mexico (Veracruz)
Diradius lobatus (Ross, 1944) U.S.A. (TX), Mexico
Diradius pacificus (Ross, 1940) Mexico (Magdalena Is., Islas Tres Marias)
Diradius pallidus Ross, 1984 Mexico (Tamaulipas)
Diradius pusillus Friederichs, 1934 Brazil (SC)
Diradius uxpanapaensis Marino & Marquez, 1982 Mexico (Chiapas)
Diradius vandykei (Ross, 1944) U.S.A. (FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, VA)
Oligembia armata Ross, 1944 Mexico (Quintana Roo), Panama, Trinidad
Oligembia bicolor Ross, 1944 Brazil (SC)
Oligembia brevicauda Ross, 1940 Virgin Islands
Oligembia buscki Ross, 1944 Panama, Guatemala
Oligembia capensis Ross, 1984 Mexico (BCS)
Oligembia convergens Ross, 1992 Panama
Oligembia darlingtoni Ross, 1944 Dominican Republic
Oligembia excisa Ross, 1944 Guatemala
Oligembia gigantea Ross, 1944 Venezuela
Oligembia hubbardi (Hagen, 1885) U.S.A. (FL), Bimini, Bahamas
Oligembia intricata Davis,1942 Guyana
Oligembia mandibulata Ross,1992 Panama
Oligembia melanura Ross,1944 U.S.A. (LA, TX), Mexico
Oligembia mini Szumik,1991 Argentina
Oligembia nigrina Ross,1944 Venezuela
Oligembia oligotomoides (Enderlein, 1912) South America
Oligembia peruviana Ross,1944 Peru
Oligembia plaumanni Ross,1944 Brazil (SC)
Oligembia quadriceps Ross,1992 Panama
Oligembia rossi Davis,1939 Panama
Oligembia scalpta Ross,1992 Panama
Oligembia unicolor Ross,1944 Brazil (SC)
Oligembia versicolor Ross,1972 Brazil
Paroligembia angolica Ross, 1952 Angola
Teratembia argentina (Navas, 1918) Argentina
Teratembia banksi (Davis, 1939) Paraguay
Teratembia geniculata Krauss,1911 Argentina
Teratembia producta (Ross, 1944) Brazil (SC)

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