Hominin Cast Collection at the California Academy of Sciences

The Department of Anthropology houses a collection of hominin fossil and comparative casts that are available for reference by qualified researchers and students by advance appointment only. To determine if our collection contains casts of specimens which might prove useful to your research, please review the spreadsheets linked below.

If you would like to arrange a visit to access the cast collection, please contact the Anthropology Collection Manager.

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Anthropology RR: Collections

Anthropology Collections

Our permanent research collection consists of approximately 16,000 objects, most of which are ethnographic. Current strengths include holdings from the U.S. Southwest and the Pacific Islands, and basketry from California. Our searchable online database features the entire Anthropology collection, including digital images for every piece.

Anthropology RR: Publications

Anthropology Publications

Our department publishes articles in scientific journals, contributes chapters to books, and produces select collection catalogs, as well as distributing the final two volumes of the Koobi Fora Research Project.