I work in the Institute for Biodiversity Science & Sustainability, Center for Comparative Genomics. I provide computing support for our research projects.


Collaborate with biologists to apply cutting edge techniques to questions in evolutionary biology. Keep up with relevant literature. Work with large amounts of DNA data to generate phylogenetic trees, metagenomic analyses, and genome level assemblies. Work directly on research projects and publications. Design visualization and computational approaches, including custom coding as needed.

Design, purchase, and maintain the computational infrastructure with automatic management techniques (devops). Design and manage cloud computing approaches as needed. Keep genomic programs up to date and support the heterogeneous needs of our cluster users. Liaison with IT to support research needs.

Fundraising and outreach with a specific focus on the high tech industry. Foster volunteers from industry and education, develop and maintain the computing volunteer procedures and project documentation.

Teach, mentor, and advocate for best practices. Includes classroom teaching, white papers, internal documents. Maintain the Academy GitHub site.

Maintain bioinformatic web apps (antcat.org, IBSS library digital asset management, ibss-info mediawiki).

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Center for Comparative Genomics
(415) 238-2529