I am interested in the patterns and processes that generate and maintain marine biodiversity and working towards solutions for the various environmental issues that are pressing marine ecosystems.

I am currently conducting phylogeographic surveys of Indo-Pacific coral reef fishes and applying a comparative genomics approach to investigate speciation and reticulate evolution in coral reef fishes and the role of color in the diversification of this group.

I also have applied DNA analyses to adress various topics of conservation relevance, for example, investigate fish stock replenishment and Marine Protected Areas in Hawaii, the effect of industrialization in population fragmentation o, and the effectiveness of fishing regulations on preventing the spread of invasive algae through protection of herbivore fishes. My research also focuses in studying the vulnerability of biodiversity hotspots to global warming.

Although my study sites spread over the entire world,  a great part of my work and conservation efforts have been focused in the coral reefs of Hawaii, the Ryukyus and the Red Sea, as well the temperate marine ecosystems of my homeland, Galicia, and the Northeastern Atlantic.

My research is currently supported by the Fish Speciation Genome project, funded by through the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (Marie Skłodowska-Curie action). This project involves the collaboration of the California Academy of Science and the University of Vigo (Spain).

I am also collaborating with Dongsha National Park, the University of Kaoshiung and the National Marine Biology Museum and Aquarium in Taiwan to investigate the recovery of coral reefs after the creation of a Marine Protected Area in a heavily impacted atoll in the South China Sea.


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The Fish Speciation Genome Project (P. I.: Iria Fernandez-Silva) seeks to address key evolutionary questions.

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