Laura Eklund, Collections Manager, Anthropology
Collections Manager, Anthropology
Ethnographic and archaeological collections management
Erica Ely
Curatorial Assistant, Herpetology
Curator of Ichthyology, Emeritus
Catalog of Fishes
Michele Esposito
Curatorial Assistant, Entomology
Lauren Esposito, Assistant Curator, Schlinger Chair of Arachnology, California Academy of Sciences
Assistant Curator, Schlinger Chair of Arachnology

I study the patterns and processes of evolution in scorpions and their fascinating venoms, spiders, and whip spiders. I am particularly interested in the interactions between biota, geology, and climate that have lead to the present-day assemblage of life on Earth. I feel that by understanding the history of life on Earth, we can make better informed decisions for enabling the present-day flora and fauna to continue to adapt and evolve.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow
Evolution, Conservation, Coral Reef Fishes

I am interested in the patterns and processes that generate and maintain marine biodiversity and working towards solutions for the various environmental issues that are pressing marine ecosystems.

I am currently conducting phylogeographic surveys of Indo-Pacific coral reef fishes and applying a comparative genomics approach to investigate speciation and reticulate evolution in coral reef fishes and the role of color in the diversification of this group.

Brian Fisher, Curator
Curator of Entomology, Patterson Scholar

My research focuses on leveraging new technologies and tools to discover, document, and understand the diversity on earth and ensure these results are available and used immediately for conservation action.

Senior Collections Manager, Birds and Mammals

Research Areas

Marine mammal data collection on Bay Area beaches

Co-evolution of quill mites (Syringophilidae) and their bird hosts

Birds of Southeast Asia

China Natural History Project

Ageing & sexing passerines using molt criteria

Database programming
Collections Manager, Geology

Christine is the Collections Manager for Geology and serves as the EPICC (Eastern Pacific Invertebrate Communities of the Cenozoic) project manager at CAS. Her research focuses on environmental and paleoenvironmental reconstructions of marine ecosystems utilizing microfossil assemblages, and how this data can inform future predictions for these ecosystems in the face of climate change.