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Teen Advocates for Science Communication is the Academy's youth volunteer program. Participants carry out our mission to explore, explain, and sustain life by designing and presenting youth-created educational programs to the public.

About Teen Advocates for Science Communication

The Teen Advocates for Science Communication program (TASC Force) is a youth volunteer opportunity to learn about science and the natural world, engage with the Academy’s scientists and staff, and provide educational activities for the Academy’s annual 1.3 million visitors. The TASC Force welcomes 8th - 12th grade students from across the San Francisco Bay Area to engage with science in fun and innovative experiences that build confidence, enhance science learning, and improve science communication skills.

As the Academy’s premiere art/science integration program, the TASC Force makes science accessible and fun. As part of the TASC Force, youth will integrate art and performance into the Academy’s science content to create exciting programs for guests of all ages. The program attracts those who want to embrace their creativity in an authentic and supportive science environment.

The Experience

Watch the TASC Force Experience

The TASC Force program focuses on helping young adults to design, build, and implement youth-led programming that enhances science understanding and passion for the natural world. The program’s experiences help youth volunteers explore, explain, and sustain life by providing opportunities to learn from the Academy’s scientists, youth professionals, and the institution's numerous scientific assets. Primary TASC Force activities include:

  • Creating public programs that teach science to the Academy’s guests
  • Delivering and facilitating science experiences on the public floor
  • Building confidence and interpersonal skills through a positive learning community
  • Participating in a variety of educational outreach opportunities across the San Francisco Bay Area

Within TASC Force, the Leadership Design Team (LDT) is a smaller group of experienced program participants who want to challenge themselves by leading the creation of public programs used by their TASC Force peers. LDT designs interactive programs for the public floor that push the boundaries of what it means to engage with exhibits. In addition to creating the public programming used by the TASC Force, this group of leaders has the opportunity to build leadership and peer mentoring skills alongside the Academy’s staff.

Whether it’s participating in a science based dance performance or exploring leaf cutter ants with guests in the rainforest, the TASC Force brings fun, interactive programs to the public floor.



To be eligible for the Teen Advocates for Science Communication, applicants must:

  • Be in 8th - 12th grade
  • Be interested in delivering youth created programming to guests on the museum floor
  • Be able to commit to one program day per week
  • Be able to attend all-cohort meetings

All TASC Force youth receive acknowledgement of their community service hours to the California Academy of Sciences.


How to Apply

Recruitment for the Teens Advocates for Science Communications program happens three times a year. Selected applicants go through a group interview process to ensure a good fit and commitment to the program. Sign up for our Youth Programs mailing list to stay informed about all teen opportunities, including when program applications open.


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