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Online Version, Updated 11 Jun 2024


Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes

By Ronald Fricke and William N. Eschmeyer

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HOW TO USE: If you know the museum abbreviation, enter it (use the down arrow) and click on Search. If you are directed to an alternate abbreviation, go back and enter it and click on Search.

If you do not know the museum abbreviation or want to search for collections and you know the country, select a country from the Country box and click on Search.

For larger countries, you may want to enter the country (e.g. U.S.A.) and under Name enter a word that you suspect is in the museum's name (e.g. Alabama). You will be presented with a list of museums in Alabama, U.S.A. Or for general searching, you can enter part of a museum name (e.g., museum zoology) and receive a list of museums with those words in the museum name. To find an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotes, e.g. "Museum of Zoology". You may also use boolean operators such as OR. For example you can search for Africa or Afrique to find collections which include either spelling. To use the wildcard *, enclose the term in double quotes, e.g. "afri*" will find African as well as Africa and Afrique.

ONCE AT A MUSEUM: Several fields are presented, such as other abbreviations, old names, etc. You can go directly to museum www sites if available (main, collection, types, images) by clicking on the address. Publications are primarily type catalogs and historical articles dealing with that collection. Click on a publication and you will be taken to that reference.

NOTICE: If you can help improve the database, please send comments, additions and corrections to the authors of this database.

Although this database is modified with each new version, we anticipate that the abbreviations presented will remain stable; if a collection changes its abbreviation or merges with another collection, the former abbreviation will remain in the database. Although there are other lists of museum abbreviations, we believe this one is more inclusive of both information and older museum collections.

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