Photos From the Field
Dr. Douglas J. Long: Binge Traveler, World Drinker, Jetsetting Scientist.

Contributing to the delinquency of a Pachyderm, Elephant range, Arakan Yoma,
Myanmar, November 2000.

Bat Hipposideros ruber, Praia das Plancas, Sao Tome, Gulf of Guinea, west Africa, May 2001.

The joys of a Brushtail Possum roadkill, now only 70 million more to go. Plus, media evidence of their
inherent evil. Northland, New Zealand, January 2003.

Left: catching Piranhas; Below Right, Ramon the Shaman; both Peruvian Amazon Jungle, June 2003.

Left: bird watching at Macchu Picchu; Right: gordo gringo with well-dressed Quechuan girl. Peruvian Andes, June 2003.

A typical day at work, removing the head of a rare Bairds Beaked Whale on
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, July 21, 2003.

Mist-netting birds in the Gaoligon Shan Mountains, Yunnan Province,
China, October 2003.

Auckland Cemetary, Auckland, New Zealand,
January 2004, in Morrissey-like repose.

Left: Thirsty Galapagos Mockingbirds; Right: I hear they taste like chicken; Galapagos Islands, July 2004.

Left: Just prior to the tragic Caracal mauling incident; Right: Another work-related hazard.
Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, December 2004.

Left: Scoffing at aliens on the Nazca Plain, southern Peru; Right: befriending the majestic Viringo, the hairless dog of
ancient Peru, Moche Huaca de Luna archaeological site, northern Peru, January 2005.

Left: Looking for a frosty cocktail atop Diamond Head; Right, stalking McGarrett outside his
Five-0 headquaters at the Iolani Palace; Oahu, Hawai'i August 2005

Left: Kickin' it Irrawaddy style with my Shan State Posse; Right: My preferred mode
of transportation; both northern Myanmar, September 2005.

Left: Seeking protection under the Naga; Right, looking way too pensive, or perhaps,
thinking of beer; both Pagan Archaeological Zone, Myanmar, September 2005.

Left: Getting ahead in Angkor Tom; Right: window shopping in Angkor Wat; both Siem Riep, Cambodia, October 2005.

Left: Cheetah at rest, NOT dead; Cango Wildlife Conservation Center, Oudtshoorn; Right: having survived
the 2004 Caracal mauling incident, I decided to try again, and almost died from cuteness overload, Thornhill;
both Western Cape Province, South Africa, January 2006.

Left: Pondering the Hyrax, Table Mountain, Western Cape Province; Right: You just know it won't be your ordinary trip
when your driver packs a Wetherby .457 rifle; Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga Province, both South Africa, January 2006.

My previous life as Collections Manager (1998-2005) and
Chariman (2000-2003) of the Department of Ornithology &
Mammalogy, California Academy of Sciences.

'Friendly', The World's Best One-Winged Turkey Vulture.

The Lovely Scientist-In-Training Wife and I enjoying the good life (bird watching & a
cold lager) at sunset; Bluffs of the Olifants River,
Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga
Province, South Africa, January 2006.

Me and the Lovely Scientist-In-Training Wife amid basking Marine Iguanas;
Galapagos Islands, July 2004.

The Lovely Scientist-In-Training Wife and I at Tiki Oasis IV in
Palm Springs, before the onslaught of Mai Tais,
Singapore Slings, Kama Ainas, and Suffering Bastards.

New photos added as my schedule allows.

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