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The checklist was originally compiled by George Zug (see archived version above) and was based mainly on museum specimens and literature records. The expanded checklist presented here is based on literature records and museum specimens, including specimens obtained through the Myanmar Herpetological Survey Project. This revised checklist includes 14 new species (two frogs, ten lizards, and two snakes) described from specimens obtained from the Myanmar Herpetological Survey (new species are linked to the Publications page). The checklist should still be considered preliminary and will be updated as we obtain additional information.

Our current checklist contains 361 species. The Myanmar Herpetological Survey has found an additional 12 species that are new records for the country. These records will be added once they have been published (Wogan in prep.). The descriptions of eight new species are currently being pursued including one caecilian, four frogs, two lizards, and one snake. The collections from the survey contain an additional 44 possible new species. This brings the total number of amphibians and reptiles in Myanmar to approximately 422 species.Thus the Myanmar Herpetological Survey Project has increased the known herpetofauna by approximately 20%.

Images of some species are available from the film icon. All images are copyrighted by the California Academy of Sciences and written permission from the California Academy of Sciences is required for their use.

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