Tubulanus sexlineatus (Griffin, 1898)

This large nemertean species with an elaborate banding pattern is Tubulanus sexlineatus.

Tubulanus is occasionally found by carefully examining clumps of algae and invertebrate fouling communities of harbor docks. It inhabits delicate, transparent tubes that are nestled among the organisms living on rocks or dock pilings. In this environment, it preys upon polychaetes and other invertebrates that live alongside it. It has also been reported subtidally from Alaska to southern California.

This species is easily recognized by its dark brown color with five lengthwise white stripes along its dorsal and lateral edges. These lines are crossed throughout the length of the body by thicker white bands. Mature specimens average 20 cm in length, with some specimens attaining more than a meter when fully extended! (Adapted from Morris et al 1980).